Life Made Simple

A 6-week online group program that guides you towards a simpler, happier life by discovering the balance between control and surrender.

24th Feb to 30rd March | Saturday 4 pm - 6 pm IST | On Zoom
Fee: INR 25,000 | Limited Seats (Upto 6 participants) 


The dichotomy between control & surrender 

The fear within you urges you to control every bit of life, while the love within you encourages you to surrender to the flow of life. More often than not you get fragmented between the two leading to stress, confusion and inaction. LMS helps you find the delicate balance between control and surrender leading to a beautiful balance between worldly success and inner fulfillment.

It is not always easy to surrender to the flow of life

When life doesn't go according to your plans, you may find yourself relentlessly trying to control everything, only to realize that certain aspects of life are beyond your control. 

This futile pursuit of control keeps you trapped in a cycle of stress and anxiety, preventing you from experiencing genuine joy and freedom.

Your need for Control

You seek control believing it will lead to a life free from disappointments and regrets. But here's the truth: this pursuit of control only traps you in a never-ending cycle of stress and anxiety. 

By understanding the root causes of your need for control and deepening your trust in the universe, you can finally break free from the shackles of stress and anxiety.

Find the balance between worldly success and inner fulfilment

As you deepen your trust in the universe, your need for control will fade away. It will allow you to pursue your desires without getting entangled in them leading you to find the balance between worldly success and inner fulfilment.

Join LMS today and discover the path to lasting joy and freedom. 

Harmony between your spiritual & material quest 

You will not be able to attain all your desires nor will you be able to renounce all your desires. But you can still find lasting joy and freedom in your life. LMS points you to a balanced life where you can simultaneously progress in your spiritual and material quest. A place where your worldy success and innerfulfilment meets one another.

What Previous LMS Participant's Say

"Arjun's workshop has been reflective and magical. I enjoyed every bit of it. I loved the reflective questions that Arjun was often persuading me and other participants to dwell on. These questions led me to challenge the very existential thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that had built the foundation of my existence. The workshop has been designed to be so participative that through powerful questioning, Arjun ensures and enables participants to arrive at their own solutions. Readings, videos, and homework made the learnings sustainable. Thanks Arjun, you made a difference."

Iyer Subramanian

Chairman - HEAD Foundation
"Thank you Arjun for hosting the "Life Made Simple" sessions. The information and tips provided were incredibly helpful. They have already made a positive impact on my daily routine. I enjoyed every session. The interactive exercises were a great way to apply the concepts and reinforce learning. Overall, I feel much more confident in my ability to manage my time and simplify my life after attending this session. You made my life simple."


Garima Kanther

Textile Designer
"LMS was in many ways an eye-opener. Arjun’s lucid way of bringing together all his learnings in this program was simple yet mesmerising. Over the years I have been part of many spiritual and life management programs but never ever did any intervention have such a deep-rooted impact on me. It truly makes you realise that the core of a purposeful enlightened life lies in its simplicity. Hopefully, I will be able to live by all the principles and practices learned to live a more fulfilling life ahead."


Kaushik Chakraborty

Chief People Officer - Savills India
LMS is a course so ambitious and that is why it is amazing that Arjun pulled it off so successfully in just 6 sessions. With LMS, Arjun teaches life itself with all its paradoxes and polarities and conditional impulses. Every day of the 6 week sessions, i looked forward to Arjun's razor-sharp insights that cut through the clutter and the silence that permeates his teaching. I looked forward to connecting with my fellow attendees, and learning from them as each one of us passionately discussed our journeys and viewpoints. Overall, a course that's bound to help you simplify your life. It is bound to give you a pause next time you feel a lack of clarity or when you feel you are being pulled in worlds multiple directions.”


Thejaswini N

Sr Manager - Amazon
“Joining the ‘Life Made Simple’ program led by Arjun Som was an enriching experience that I highly recommend. With its collective learning environment, the program fosters a unique synergy where 1+1 equals 11. It provides a platform for individuals to delve into the core of their actions and thoughts and encourages sharing these insights for collective growth. The program challenged me to continually reflect on my behaviours during conflicts and emphasized the profound benefits of operating out of love. If you’re looking to better manage conflicts, either external or internal, ‘Life Made Simple’ offers valuable insights and practical tools to help you navigate these challenges.”

Radhakrishnan Selvaraj

Senior Software Engineer - H&M
“I was originally contemplating before taking up this course considering it was not the most conducive time in Melbourne. However, the recorded sessions option was most assuring even before I start. Guess what, I found myself looking forward to all the sessions, could have gone longer too! Arjun’s effortless style of facilitating the group process with poignant fun facts, stories and relevant insights felt like ‘being in the flow’ as if something inside was opening up. The resources shared during the course are clear and concise supporting my readiness to dwell deeper, self-paced. Highly recommend to dive in this short sweet flow from exactly where you are. I am keen on staying tuned with the LMS community! Feeling super grateful.”

Purvi Shah


Meet your Coach & Facilitator 

Hi, I'm Arjun Som.
I have been working as a Life Coach since 2013 and have worked with more than 100 clients. Life Made Simple is an offering that combines my learnings from the last 10+ years put together in easy to understand format. My deepest wish with this program is to help people find ease & joy in life by simplifying their inner world. I hope you will join me in this learning journey.

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