You need not be stuck, confused or lost

I offer coaching & courses that help you gain the clarity & courage to progress in life.

We need to speak if...

  • You are struggling to make an important life decision 

  • You wish to build better relationships at home or workplace
  • You would like to learn to navigate conflicts 

  • You wish to be your best - but something is holding you back
Hi, I'm Arjun Som.

I understand how it feels to be stuck.
I understand how hard it is to move forward with a heavy heart & confused mind.

I have worked with hundreds of clients
1 to 1 helping them find the clarity and courage required to move forward in life.

I know that the internet is flooded with self-help tips & videos. However, it is difficult to find someone who can listen, understand & guide you. I find joy in being that person for you.

Stop worrying and take action now!

1. Schedule a coaching call

2. Speak to your coach

3. Progress in your life & relationships


When Kiran asked me to contact Arjun, I asked him “that kid is going to help me tread complex pathways?” Kiran’s answer was YES.  

With a lot of reluctance, I had my first walk with Arjun Som. What started as a 10 min post-dinner walk ended up as a 4-hour walk. It felt like I was born again just after that walk.

 I can proudly say I cannot relate to who I was in the past and this new being is filled with joy and bliss.

Karthi Subbaraman
Founder & CEO, Xperian

Arjun saves and heals, merely by his presence and attention. The words and conversations are only a way to weigh the presence.  

He is one of the most exquisite teachers/guides I have met. His generosity is natural and uninhibited.

He embodies a simplicity that is unexpectedly deep.  His sharpness and wit keep you coming back to him.

Amaranta Nehru
Graphic designer & educator

 Arjun worked with me as my coach mentor and supervisor. While working with him I learnt how to hold a space lovingly, how to listen deeply and being present.

 Arjun is ever-present to support me even when formally my engagement is over.  

Arjun is an evolved human who has not been influenced by social or other conditioning. Lots of heartfelt wishes for his success!!

Sayak Mohapatra
Coach at ICF, Pune

I find Arjun's presence and voice very clear, loving and pointing effortlessly to truth.  

He enables me to accept reality because he is one with it. He enables me to rest in my being because undoubtedly he has found that resting place.  

He welcomes and embraces life totally. It’s a gift and blessing to be his friend. I affectionately call him “our very own Rumi.

 Kiran Gulrajani
Co-Founder, CoEvolve

Arjun can see through people's pain and cut through the patterns that don't let us be.

 He is one amazing gem rare to find and I feel fortunate to find him on my way to truth.  

Anybody who is seeking a friend to listen and a heart to hold, Arjun is the right person to get in touch with.  

Ambika Aruna Ganesh
Founder, Wuji International

Arjun has made me understand how love is the most powerful thing and how to love myself.  

He understands how thoughts can play with you and would support you to realize that you don’t have to necessarily believe in your thoughts.

 He's simple, down to earth and loving.

Sandra Augustine
Co-Founder, Inspire Race

Do I really need a coach?

There is no one who won't benefit from a coach. 
However, you need to hire a coach only if the cost of not having a coach is higher than having one.

Imagine the amount of time and energy you lose by being stuck due to lack of clarity or courage.
Imagine how it will impact your life & relationships. Imagine the amount of stress that will create.
Why put yourself through this when a coach simplify things for you?

I trust you will not make the mistake of underestimating the value of intangible things. 

A coach can help you make progress in half the time, energy and effort.

Your subconscious patterns and beliefs have a significant influence in the way you experience life.
That is the reason you don't get the results you deserve despite doing everything right.
A Coach can help you see what you are not able to see so that you could move forward in life with half the time, energy & effort.

Gain Clarity & Confidence

Build Healthy Relationships

Build Healthy Self-esteem