You deserve a life you love


I help you gain clarity and courage to live an authentic life so that you can have a life you love waking up to each morning.

Are you hiding a part of yourself from your partner?

Are you struggling to rebuild the broken trust in your relationship?

Is your child the sole reason for you to stay in your relationship?

Are you confused whether to try harder or let go?

Are you struggling to let go and move on?

Are you hiding a part of yourself from your partner?

"Our loved ones will continue to press every button we have until we realize what it is that we don't want to know about ourselves yet."

- Byron Katie

Most millennials struggle in their intimate relationships. I help them see what needs to be focused essentially so that they could feel alive, vibrant and passionate in their relationship.


Arjun is one of the most exquisite teachers/guides I have met. His generosity is natural and uninhibited. He embodies a simplicity that is unexpectedly deep. Arjun exhibits by his being, the true meaning of intimacy, intimacy outside of romantic relationships. To me he embodies this line from nayyirah waheed's poem "I stink of love, I reek of love" Arjun saves and heals, merely by his presence and attention. The words and conversations are only a way to weigh the presence. His sharpness and wit keep you coming back to him.

Amaranta Nehru

illustrator, graphic designer, animator, educator

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