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The Fear That’s Stopping You Has A Message To Deliver, Listen

Do not label your fear as negative, for it is not. It is one of the friends your parents asked you to stay away from. The friend with whom you never attempted a friendship, for the fear of getting influenced in the wrong way. The friend who you never listen to, but have judgments about. The friend you failed, even before you gained.

You were too young back then to decide for yourself, but not anymore. Today you could see beyond the filters of right and wrong. You know where to draw boundaries. You know to take the lessons you need, and discard the rest. Hence, I ask you to listen to your fear. Don’t be afraid of it. Don’t try to push it away, fix it, or pretend as if it doesn’t exist. It is hear to tell you something, and all you need to do is listen. Listen to what it has to say, listen to it’s intention, and take what you need to take and discard the rest.

All it is trying to do is to ensure you are safe. It doesn’t understand your need for adventure, your need to go beyond the safety constructs, your need to re-discover yourself. So each time you are about to rock the boat, fear comes and talks about safety. It talks about all that you are gonna risk by taking this leap which you have always dreamt about.

Now, there is some truth in what it is saying, no matter how bitter it sounds, and how much it exaggerates what it says. Your job is to filter the facts from the story, and meet them eye to eye. You ignoring them or being in denial won’t help, for that will make the fear scream louder. It could do everything to get your attention. But know that the power to choose what you want to believe and what you don’t want to, is in your hands. You won’t lose anything by giving them attention, instead you will save yourself from its nag. Do know that it’s a friend who is overly worried, and treat it like one. Maybe you can tell:

“Dear friend,

I understand your intention to safeguard me. Thanks for alerting me about the risks involved. I have considered all that you said, and will be careful in each step I take. However this leap is what my soul is craving for, and I need to take it. I hope you will understand, and wish me best.

Thank you.”