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Love is as magical as you are. If you miss the magic in you, You may miss the magic in love, For it’s gentle and subtle in its ways.

Our eyes trained to be fascinated by, The girl who vanishes from the box, The towel which turns into bird, And the water that catches fire, May miss the magics of everyday life.

I am amzed by, The voice of the bird, which wakes me each morning, The light of the Sun, which brightens my day, The calmness of the Moon, which soothes my heart. The sweetness of the breeze, which kisses my cheek. I wonder what makes them offer themselves to me, When, who i am is a beggar on the street. If this is not magic, then what is?

The rhythm of my heart beat, makes me wonder, Who its composer is?! And, how it survived my laziness?! If this is not magic, then what is?

I wonder, how Earth can be spherical, And we fail to slip onto other planets, How is this possible? Well, i have heard of gravity, but to me the answer is Magic! If you don’t see the magic in these, I wonder how you will find the magic in love, Which is even more gentle and subtle, in its ways.

If you got, eyes curious, Mind spacious, And a heart which is open to embrace the paradox of life. You are blessed my friend, For you shall enjoy this show, And lead a life of a lover, Who is astonished by the magic of his breath.