Coaching Offerings

Relationship Coaching

For people who:

  • are facing challenges in marriage or any other close relationship.

  • need support in developing better work relationship with team or clients.

  • want to deepen relationship with oneself.

Emotions Coaching

For people who:

  • get overwhelmed by emotions.

  • are keen to discover the wisdom beneath their emotions - guilt, anger, fear.

  • are looking for emotional rest or empowerment.

The big leap Coaching

For people who:

  • want to take the big leap in their career.

  • are looking for deeper meaning or purpose in life.

  • are in quest of their highest potential.

Group sessions

For Team Leaders & Managers

  • How to give and receive feedback?

  • How to say ‘no’ without hurting the relationship?

  • How to ‘disagree’ without disrespecting?

  • How to listen so that your team shall share?

  • How to deal with conflicts in the team?

  • How to express/deal with emotions?

  • How to make decisions under VUCA conditions?

  • How to stay calm and focused during uncertainities?