Essence Coaching

What is Essence?

Essence is what you are.
It is the sense of freedom and joy you experienced as a child. 

You have always known its presence, yet have lost touch and came to doubt it through years of conditioning and being told you are not enough.

How did we lose touch with our essence?

While growing up, at certain situations we had to suppress our feelings and put on masks to fit in and get approval (we learnt to act mature). Those masks were important and served a purpose in those situations, but many of us carried it forward and it slowly became a part of our identity/personality.
 We started experiencing life within the boundaries (comfort zone) of these identities. 

What is available if i am in touch with my essence?

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How do I get in touch with my essence?

Essence is not hard to contact, for it is who you are.
A simple way to contact your essence is by placing your attention on whatever you are feeling without doing anything else with it. For many of us it is easier said than done.