Emotions Coaching

"The reason we suffer from our emotion is not because of the emotion itself, but because of our resistance towards that particular emotion." ~ Teal Swan

Who is it for?

For people who are:

  • looking for emotional rest and empowerment.

  • keen to discover the wisdom beneath their emotions - guilt, anger, fear.

  • constantly worried/anxious.

Benefits of emotion coaching:

  • Emotional rest ~ a sense of ease and peace in life.

  • Trust in life ~ ability to stay came and act wise during uncertainties.

  • Clarity in thoughts ~ freedom from confusion.

  • Connection with self~ a deeper connection with yourself and your partner that you might have not felt before.

Mode of Engagement: 90% of my coaching happens over phone/skype. I do meet clients, if they are in the same city.

Duration of engagement: I would suggest 3 months; can start with one and extend it later too.

Cost of engagement:

- For individuals, Rs. 10,000 per month.

(If you wish to pay per session or find it difficult to afford, do write to me on arjunsom968@gmail.com or ping me on 9036507153)

Note: Coaching programme is always customised as per client’s issues and needs. In the first session we’ll setup a framework for coaching sessions. It is usually a mix of individual and couple sessions in case of couple coaching.