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Intimate Relationship: The Interplay between Passion and Stability

Stability has been the trademark of a successful relationship for the longest time. Despite what happened within a relationship, couples strived to stay together until death set them apart. While some couples sorted out the challenges that came their way, some chose to ignore them for the fear of facing them. Many of these relationships despite being functional lacked passion and intimacy. It became more about attending children and daily chores. While some were happy with the simplicity and stability it provided, many were not. Even though some went ahead and had affairs outside marriage, it was easier hidden in an era prior to social media. The economic construct and patriarchy back then e

The Art of Doing Nothing

Most of us are busier than we would like to be. We complain about not having enough time to spend with our dear ones, pursue our passion or even to just relax and enjoy the beauty around us. It seems almost difficult to enjoy anything without being interrupted by an urgent mail or phone call. I doubt there was ever a time when understanding the art of doing nothing was more significant. Art of doing nothing can be viewed as a practice as well as a way of being – much like meditation. Some view meditation as the 15 minutes they sit in silence, for others it is the silence beneath every noise and the order beneath every chaos. In this article, we are going to explore the way of being - what it