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Why does most marriage advice fail to serve modern couples?

Marriages are no more the same institution we knew a few years back. It has been evolving with time as well as social and economic advancements. Gone are the days when religious entities dictated the dos and don’ts in a relationship; the days when roles in a relationship were pre-decided by their gender; the days when women had to depend on men economically; the days when passion in a relationship was compromised for its stability. We now expect a lot more from our relationship than we ever expected before. We expect our partner to give us a sense of stability, meaning and purpose. At the same time we also expect our partner to fulfil our emotional and sexual needs; in many cases financial a

Modern Relationships: Redefining Boundaries

Relationships have gone through a tremendous makeover in the last few decades. Millennials are facing challenges in their relationships that never existed before. As Esther Perel says, “Never have we invested more in love and never have we divorced or broken up more in the name of love.” Millennials are defined by their quest for freedom. They value freedom and give it significant importance in all aspects of their life. They refuse to be bound by any belief, institution or hierarchy that tend to limit them. This has opened up a world of possibilities before them. However, the lack of clearly defined boundaries has increased the chances of getting lost too. Marriage used to be an institutio